Anonymous: Do you think Bethyl will actually happen in season 5?

you can’t make daryl dixon opening up to beth, holding her hand, asking her to keep singing and looking at her like she’s the best thing ever for nothing. you just can’t. so yeah, i’m 89% sure they will happen :)

all Rae/Finn kisses

anyway here’s wonderwall the last one:

"When we were filming Matt’s last moments as the doctor I found Jenna in the back crying and I just sort of held her and cried too and I was just like “I’m gonna make you tea!”"
- Karen Gillan on Jenna Coleman (via devilstrapsandbowties)

In season 2, we had this big group scene when Sophia comes out of the barn — that was one of the first times I got to shoot with everybody in the cast. It was just a really unifying day and really special moment. I remember Andrew Lincoln pumping everyone up, because it was such a long day. Before, it felt a little like I came in, shot my scenes, and left. But, that was a really special moment. We all got to know each other really well, and I felt like I really belonged in the cast.

Nature Under Constraint and Vexed

"Instead of saying ‘You’re fat’ and ‘You’re ugly,’ I’m gonna say ‘You are the person who helped your mum out, who saved your best mate, who lives with an illness, but keeps on going.’"
- Rae Earl (via mirallegrae)

Daryl Dixon - You believe in dead people walking around?