so i dont think tumblr knows of the existence of this addictive game yet but its trending on github and everyone and their mother i know irl is losing their shit over it and im pretty sure my entire school plays this so let me just casually leave it here

goodbye friends i am gone

i have been playing this game for two hours and it’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to me

Title: "i asked you to stop being dead"
Artist: sherlock
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" i heard you"

game of thrones + pretty colors

"Were you and Luke formerly BETROOOTHEEED?"
- xoxo, gossip ichabod (via allerasphinx)


now this is the story all about how tumblr got flipped turned upside down

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guess what?! it’s my birthday! :D


How I feel like Jennifer Lawrence’s career is going to escalate after tonight:

  • Jennifer wins the Oscars. 
  • Jennifer ends world hunger
  • Jennifer fixes the economy
  • Jennifer fixes global warming
  • Jennifer makes fetch happen