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Anonymous: evernialls(.)tumblr(.)com/post/27701508033/clingy-niall SOBBING AGATA, I'M SOBBING!




The last part. Is what I think is the most important part of all. 5 boys, all individuals, all very different, special and talented in their own way. And their relationship with one another. This is the most endearing part of One Direction. ot5.

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Anonymous: I saw your post on your other blog about that post saying that everybody should ship Lourry. So you don't ship them? Why? they are perfect ;3

BUT WHAT ARE YOU HERE THEN :P But it’s ok, I’m gonna answer your question anyway. And my main problem wasn’t with Larry as a ship but with that post. Telling people that they SHOULD ship something FOR ME… is just wrong. Let people do what they want to do and ship what they want to ship. It’s making me crazy mad when people are telling me what to do. If you ship them, that’s cool, awesome even but stop trying to convince other people that shipping them is the only right way and the best choice in the world, because it’s not. Not shipping the couple you love and ship is equally GOOD and OK as shipping them. Just leave people alone and let them decide. It’s not that hard.